AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services)

AWS cloud is a world-leading cloud service. They have data centers and cloud edge points all over the world. The nearest data center to Finland is in Stockholm Sweden and Cloudfront edge is in Helsinki Finland.

When cloud could be the smartest solution for you? When you need a highly secured and stable environment with the newest features. Or you want to run microservices without spending too much. Many times running systems in AWS can bring savings, especially if uses AWS’s own created and efficient systems. Example DynamoDB is really powerful and cost-effective noDB solution. Or you need a solution that is lightning fast around the globe, AWS does provide excellent tools for creating. Or if you need a highly scalable solution, one day you need 1000x more power and only pay for that one day, then AWS is your best friend.

We have experience setting up AWS Clouds from scratch. Also, our company can host services for you in our tenant, without the need to build all mandatory services. We are familiar with EC2, RDS, Workspaces, S3, VPC, Route56, Lambda, Cloudfront, and so on services. Therefore if you want to migrate your servers into the AWS cloud, we can help with that. No matter is it a physical or virtual server, in some cases also cloning servers into the cloud is possible. If you wish to manage your server, but forgot the infrastructure side, we can work the middle man and help you to get it all working without the hassle of learning cloud management.